Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mallalieu M.E. Church, Ft. Smith, Arkansas

Photos courtesy of Jerrie Lindsay
This is what remains of a lovely old building erected in 1921 under the pastorate of Rev. B.F. Neal and Superintendence of Rev. G.H. Hall (D.S.).  According to the website of the museum of Ft. Smith the church was established in 1911 at 800 N. 9th in Ft. Smith.  It was one house of worship for African Americans in the community.   Clearly, the voids had lovely stained glass in them.  All that remains, as seen in these images, is the one wall and what appeared to be char marks indicating perhaps a fire had damaged the building.
The name comes from a well-respected Bishop of the Methodist Church, Williad Francis  Mallalieu.  Here is a link to information about Methodism in Arkansas history and culture.

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